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About EFS

The Eugene Folklore Society (EFS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to furthering the understanding, appreciation, and performance of traditional folk arts by providing music and dancing around the area. EFS sponsors folk-related concerts and dances, potluck dinners and other relevant events that members are willing to sponsor or host. All EFS events are announced in the EFS newsletter, in e-mail notifications, as well as in the local papers, and KLCC and KRVM radio.


Membership in the Eugene Folklore Society is open to all who wish to support the goals of furthering traditional folk arts, music and dance. Individual membership is $15 per year; Family membership is $25. Members get $2 discount on each dance, and a reciprocal discount at many other folklore society events throughout the state. To join, contact the Membership Coordinator or send a check made out to EFS to: PO Box 1645, Eugene, OR 97440.


EFS members receive a discount on tickets to all events sponsored by EFS, and some reciprocal discounts with other regional folklore society and dance groups in Oregon, including the Corvallis Folklore Society and the Portland Country Dance Community.


Members receive monthly EFS newsletter (September to June). The newsletter announces all EFS events as well as community and regional events and activities. EFS members are also eligible to place a free classified ad once per year. Submissions should be received by the 15th of the month in order to get included in the subsequent month’s newsletter. Please send any items to the EFS Newsletter editor or calendar items to the calendar editor.


Like with many organizations we could not function without our amazing and gracious volunteers. A big thanks to those that stepped up to the plate last year!

If you can volunteer, please contact Patricia Donahue: 686-6117

This is the most urgent area that EFS is in need of volunteers:

We’re looking for some dance openers (dance openers for that evening get into the dance for free) and we’re hoping that you check out your schedule and see what date would work for you to help open the dance. Just a reminder, there is a house manager in charge, so if you have any questions or something comes up you can refer to that person. Cool isn’t it? Please feel free to call Patricia at 686-6117 or email me if you you’re interested. Once again we couldn’t do it without you and your help does make a difference!

If being a dance opener isn’t your thing, perhaps there is another job you would like to do? Here are some other ways you can volunteer:

  • Potluck host
  • Sit out a dance to watch the table
  • Coordinate Carpooling to Corvallis
  • Snacks Coordinator/or just bring snacks for dance break
  • Put away chairs/collect lost and found/sweep floors
  • Host monthly song sircle at your home
  • Put EFS dance information on web, Craigslist, Dance Gypsy
  • Join Dance camp Committee
  • Help organize a dance at the UO for the student community
  • Put up monthly flyers advertising dances around town

Thanks in advance for stepping up!


As a service to the community, EFS uses a mailing list to provide information about upcoming dances and other events of interest. Traffic usually amounts to little more than two or three messages per month. To subscribe yourself to the miling list, visit the list manager site.


EFS members may apply for scholarships to dance camps, music camps, or workshops. A maximum of $50 will be given per event; however the amount awarded cannot exceed the cost of the event. A maximum of 15 scholarships will be awarded each year. EFS members must apply at least 2 months before the event. Recipients of the award will be expected to reciprocate by participating in various volunteer opportunities for the EFS community, as suggested on the application form. The form will be available on the EFS website and at EFS dances.


The Eugene Folklore Society is coordinated by a Board of Directors, who are a body of member volunteers, elected annually in May. Meetings are held once a month and EFS members are always welcome. (As of September 2009, meetings are on the last Wednesday each month, 5:30 pm at the World Cafe, 449 Blair Blvd.) Ideas, encouragement, feedback, and help from members and the community, in whatever form, are essential for the continued availability of EFS events. Board members take a turn each month as Dance Manager, taking care of problems and counting money from the dance. In these roles, you will help keep up and pass along our music and dance traditions. You can give back to your community by contributing your skills and talents to help others. At board meetings you can share ideas that might enhance the community while you grow and develop and realize your own potential. You can get more involved and make your life interesting. You will get to know people in the community better and support something that you value. And get free admission to our bi-monthly dances. Such a deal!

Check out this page for information on becoming a board member.


Feature regionally and nationally known artists. The Concert Committee is looking for someone interested in taking over to schedule concerts. The music series is currently on hold until volunteer(s) are found.