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Eugene Folklore Society is accepting nominations for next season's board from now until March 15. Elections will be held on May 8 at the general membership meeting. Here is a list of the 5 board positions. If you would like to run, or would like to know more about any of the positions, please contact Barbara at or 541-345-8903.

It is important to have a coordinator who can take care of the matters-at-hand as well as tend to the overall needs of the organization. This is a thinking and planning position. If you have participated in our community for a while and have problem solving skills, you should consider this position. Gathering the agenda, running the meeting, and making sure that everything is getting done will your focus.
The dance coordinator duties are shifting this year to encompass more of the activities that keep the dance organized. You will be in charge of the admission table materials and volunteers who open the dance. You will also be working with the booking person, sound man, and the school to schedule our events, and overseeing the publicity that goes out to the newsletter, e-mail, and website. As its name implies, this position involves coordinating and organization skills. If you like working with people and can delegate, this would be a good fit for you.
This person is responsible for putting together the talent, theme, and accommodations for our yearly dance camp in April. You get to choose your own team of volunteers to help put this event together. If you are organized and creative, you should consider this position. If you are interested in it but are not sure about taking it on, talk to our current coordinator to find out more about it.
The treasurer deals with all bookkeeping and financial issues. A candidate for this position needs computer skills and some knowledge of money management.
A record of all our board meetings is kept by the secretary. You will need to take notes at the meeting, and e-mail them to the board in a timely manner. You will also remind the board when the next meeting is coming up. This job takes discipline and note-taking skills.

The board meets once per month and members take turns as Dance Manager, taking care of problems and counting money from the dance, kind of like being the host of a big party. In these roles, you will help keep up and pass along our music and dance traditions. You can give back to your community by contributing your skills and talents to help others. At board meetings you can share ideas that might enhance the community while you grow and develop and realize your own potential. You can get more involved and make your life interesting. You will get to know people in the community better and support something that you value. And get free admission to our bi-monthly dances. Such a deal!