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Safe Dancer Policy

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Contra Dance in Eugene

If you’ve never been contra dancing: It’s easy to learn and you’ll have fun at your first dance. You can learn the basic moves in a few minutes at our contra dance lesson, offered at 7 before each dance. To find out more and see some videos you may want to visit New to EFS?

Everyone is welcome: Don’t be shy. Our dances are open to the public and all are welcome. Come with a friend or partner or by yourself. There will be plenty of people to dance with and it is traditional to switch partners for each dance. Our dances are family-friendly, though small children must be monitored for everyone’s safety.

Scent-free: All events are scent-free; please respect this rule for the safety of our attendees.

We dance on the second and fourth Saturdays (usually), September through June. Check the EFS calendar to see when the next dance is scheduled and who will be performing.

Time: Contra dance lesson is always at 7:00 pm . The dance starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 10:30 pm.

Potluck before the dance: We often have potlucks at 5:30 before dances. These are held at a different location (usually a dancer’s home) for each dance. Information about the potluck is put on the website a few days prior to the dance. If you want to host a potluck, go to our Volunteer form and select that option. For more info go to our Contact page and direct your message to the Potluck Coordinator.

Shoes for dancing: Wear clean, comfortable, soft-soled shoes. We have a brush to help clean your shoes, but most people change to a separate pair of clean shoes.

What to wear:  Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement. In warmer weather many guys wear shorts. Many of the women like wearing skirts. Even some of the guys wear “twirly” skirts.

Bring a water bottle: Water is available, but we appreciate it if you bring your own.

During the dance: It is tradition to change partners for every dance. Halfway though the evening there is usually a short break where you can grab some water, rest, and visit with other dancers. After the break there is usually a waltz or hambo before forming sets for more contras.

WHERE: Village School Auditorium

ADMISSION: Sliding Scale

  • $10-20 for EFS members (Join EFS here) and CFS (Corvallis Folklore Society) members (courtesy discount)
  • $12-20 general admission
  • $8 Students with ID
  • Special offer for folks new to EFS! First-time dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance. When you turn in your coupon, you receive a 50% off coupon for the following dance!

After the dance: Time for socializing, clean-up and returning the room to order. Then some people go to a local pub for drinks and socializing. All are welcome.

Safe Dancer Policy