The Eugene Folklore Society is coordinated by a volunteer Board of Directors elected at the EFS Annual Meeting in May. Board members then elect the President, Secretary and Treasurer from among the Board’s members. Meetings are held once a month and EFS members are always welcome.

Ideas, encouragement, feedback, and help from members and the community, in whatever form, are essential for the continued success of EFS events. Please consider joining the Board to help keep the Eugene Folklore Society active.

Board members often act as the House Manager for our dances, setting up and taking down with help from volunteers, making sure everything runs smoothly, and counting the money at the end of the evening.

As a Board member, you will help preserve and pass along our music and dance traditions in this and many other ways. You can give back to your community by contributing your skills and talents, and by sharing ideas to enhance the community while you grow and develop and add to your own potential. This is a great way to get more involved, get to know people in the community better, and support something that you value. The EFS community is full of dynamic and interesting people, including you! We welcome your contributions and encourage your participation on the Board!

Board Positions


The president facilitates board meetings and tends to the overall needs of the organization.


The dance coordinator is in charge of the bi-weekly contra dances in Eugene. They work with others to make the dance happen — the House Managers, Dance Programmer, Registration Desk manager, pot-luck coordinator, and the dance hall manager (the school principal).


The treasurer deals with all bookkeeping and financial issues.


The secretary takes minutes at the meeting, distributes them, and keeps an historic record.


The Board will have one or more Members at Large, who participate in all Board discussions and decisions. Members at Large ensure a range of members of the EFS community are represented on the Board.