• Two Rivers Morris Dancers

Two Rivers Morris

Morris dancing is a dynamic, terrifically fun performance dance from England that was ancient in the times of Shakespeare and the first Queen Elizabeth. Today many styles of Morris are danced around the world. Morris “sides” (the name for a Morris team) follow traditions that include “dancing the sun up” at sunrise on May Day.

Two Rivers Morris dances “border style” Morris. This vigorous style originated in the villages of the rough border areas of England and Wales. It’s characterized by costumes of tatters, bells and clashing sticks. Our side includes musicians playing fiddle, mandolin, accordion, tin whistle and percussion. We dance around town and a range of events and cultural festivals including the Eugene Saturday Market, and Holiday Market, Oregon Country Fair, Seattle Folklife Festival, and at California and Portland Morris Ales (a gathering of several Morris sides).

Come to one of our practices to try Morris dancing or to explore performing with our musicians. The EFS calendar includes times, location and contact info. Please contact us first so we know you’re coming and please be on time. Doors are locked when practice begins.  After practice you’ll find us at a local pub discussing village news and quaffing microbrews. Join us!

Two Rivers Morris, Lane County’s only Morris Dance team, holds weekly practice sessions from 6:15 to 8:15 on Monday evenings in Eugene. If you would like to check out Morris dancing please contact us at morris@eugenefolklore to verify you are fully vaccinated and boosted and to get directions to an upcoming practice.

Two Rivers Morris team at sunrise, May 2019

And YES, we do dance up the sun on May Day. Here’s proof!