The Village School

3411 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97405

Parking: The main school drive, south of the post office, has one parking area straight ahead, another small lot to the right. There’s a gravel lot off of 35th Ave. Overflow parking is available at the Post Office.

Follow your GPS to Willamette St. The main driveway is opposite 34th Ave. It can be hard to see the driveway in the winter.

First Christian Church

1166 Oak Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Parking: Parking is available on church property, on the south side and in back of the church building. Please lock your vehicle.

Directions: Morris practice is held in the side chapel. The entrance we use is on the south side of the building facing the parking lot and Ta Ra Rim restaurant,. The chapel entrance is kept locked so you must let us know you are coming prior to practice and arrive on time at 6:15.

Sky Camp

83930 Peninsula Rd
Fall Creek, OR 97438

Directions: Sky Camp is located about 25 miles, an hour’s drive, southeast of Eugene on Fall Creek Lake. There is no public transportation service. It is best to google map the route and save it prior to traveling due to spotty cell coverage in the mountains.

WOW Hall

291 W 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401