Volunteers Needed for the Contra Dance

We need volunteers to help with the contra dance. Setup for the dance begins at 5:00 pm. There are a number of jobs that we need to do

  • Some heavy lifting (soon after 5 pm): clear out tables (5x more than before), set up band platform, set up parking lot signs, set up tables for our event,
  • Lighter lifting (After about 5:30): Move chairs
  • Non-lifting (After about 5:45): Put out table cloths on tables for check-in, set up drinking cups, Sanitize water spicket, lay out any announcements for other events, check restrooms, and the like.
  • Just prior to the dance (about 6:45): Check people’s ID and Covid record, sign into the

To volunteer, click on the About Us tab (no sub-tabs), then select the Volunteer form (the 4th one ). Enter your name and email, and select the 2nd (and 3rd) check box. Then type in the types of work you can do, one or more of the 4 bullet points above.